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A bottom girl, bottom woman, or bottom bitch,[1] is an American term for a prostitute who sits atop the hierarchy of prostitutes working for a particular pimp. A bottom girl is usually the prostitute who has been with the pimp the longest and consistently makes the most money.[2] Being the bottom girl gives the prostitute status and power over the other women working for her pimp,[2] however, the bottom girl also bears many responsibilities. In U.S. v. Pipkins,[3] the Eleventh Circuit described the bottom girl's duties as "work[ing] the track in [her pimp's] stead, running interference for and collecting money from the pimp's other prostitutes, [and] look[ing] after the pimp's affairs if the pimp was out of town, incarcerated, or otherwise unavailable".[4] Similarly, the Training Manual of the Hawaiian Prostitution Intervention Program explains that the bottom girl's obligations may include handling finances, and training and recruiting other prostitutes.[2]


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